Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Before and After

Here is my latest little project.

I don’t like clutter – stuff just out in the open and visible. Drives me batty. (At times, you would never be able to tell because our clutter does get out of hand!) So, ever since we moved into the upstairs, the stereo “system” bugged me. We had looked and looked for a right piece to go there, but never really found what we were looking for.

Fast forward to two weeks ago … this old cabinet of John’s (shown only in part below), was kind of an odd, yellowish stain color. Not only did it not match, but it wasn’t being fully utilized. I wanted to paint it black and finally found the time to do it. When John saw that I was improving it, he suggested we use it for the stereo cabinet (its original purpose). Great idea!


So – here are the before pictures. Stereo cabinet with components, wires, remotes and “stuff” visible. Yuck!  Here is the cabinet waiting to be primed – I lightly sanded it all over before applying primer. This is just the base, it also has front and back doors and a lid. After priming, I rolled on 2 coats of black paint. (btw: the black was the darkest I could find, but it does appear slightly gray/black instead of a true black)


Voila – here’s the after. Same stuff, but now behind a door. Yippee!


MUCH better – I still need to figure out something better to sit on the sub woofer (where the candle is sitting), but at least the wires and remotes are concealed.

Next … I have an old armoire that I want to transform. The office is in desperate need of some attention, and since the armoire is currently concealing my computer and printer, it should help to have it refinished.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Nice job - that turned out great! I am with you on the "clutter." Drives me crazy too, but I'm workin' on it. :)

    Black is a funny paint color...I noticed when I painted the cabinet for our tv that it had a dark blue-ish/gray-ish cast to it. Hmmmm....

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya,

  2. You could always put some type of Christmas decoration on the sub-woofer.
    Great job on the cabinet! It looks so much tidier with a door now.


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