Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finishing some things …

Summer is almost over for the kids’ school break – we will be starting back next week. I’m excited, although the kids aren’t :)

 P8030007 P8030009

We just finished up swimming lessons. Some major milestones were overcome. Hadden braved jumping off the low dive and even enjoyed it. Savannah finally got comfortable putting her face in the water during the last 2 lessons and even held her face in for 10 seconds! I hope they remember a few things by next summer.


These pictures aren’t that great – it’s hard to get good pictures with the sun blaring in, but I guess you can kind of get an idea. I have been working on valances for the windows. The upper left is the main floor –with the open floor plan, we decided on the same fabric everywhere. The middle is Hadden’s room – I hesitated even bothering to put the picture in because it is so bad. You’ll have to trust me that it does kind of pull the greens and blues together. The right is Savannah’s room and even though the picture is hard to tell, I think this one works very well to pull the turquoise and purple together. I still have the stair tower and the master bedroom to finish. I am using my grandmother’s sewing machine and I recently found the paperwork for it – it is older than I am :) How cool is that?


Neli is growing very quickly. Overall, she is a very sweet puppy and learns pretty quickly. Up until now, she has been afraid to go up or down stairs, so she lived in the entryway which we liked (fairly well contained, no messes, etc). Just this week, she has figured out how to come up stairs. Ughh. Going down is tricky for her, so now we have to keep a close eye on her.

Have a great day!


  1. Neat valances. I enjoyed making some for our daughter's home several years ago.

  2. Shirley -
    I bet that's fun to see your kids progress and get more confident in the water...So cool!

    Nice job on the valances! You're a sewing machine. haha


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