Thursday, July 29, 2010

Please vote for our friends to win a grill!

This is the email I received from her - they are very sweet and are soon moving to Maine as part of a group doing a church plant. Please take a second and vote - thanks! Their names are Randy and Eunice Bruckhart.

UGH! I'm like most people...I don't like to ask for things, but sometimes it's a good thing. This just might be one of those times. Our grill died. It's served us more than faithfully the past 8+ yrs, but now it's gone. We've been searching for several months, and just last week, we decided on one. After thinking about it some more, we were ready to place the order online last evening. We got as far as placing it in our cart, and then we stopped. I asked if we should wait a few more days. Not sure why, but sure no problem, we've been waiting this long. Fast forward to 4 hrs later....I'm browsing a few blogs and came across one that's giving away a grill...not just any grill, but the next step up from the cheaper version we were going to buy. There is a contest until Aug 2, 9:00 PM EST, and you can vote once per household. Anyway, here is my shameless plug...would you vote for us?;

Competition is stiff, and I don't like to beg, but this would be such a blessing....that's putting it mildly at this stage of our lives! For those of you that don't know us personally, we've been asked, along with 6 other families to move to Maine to help with a church plant next month. More than a few uncertainties, but God is faithful! Thanks for your support!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Shirley! You and yours are an encouragement to us!!!

    ~eunice b

  2. thanks, hi-d! each vote helps! :-)

    ~Eunice B

  3. I see three Eunice B's (some in all caps, others not,) and one with the full name listed. Which do I cast a vote for?


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