Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visit with the Zaklan’s – pt 3

The next day, we decided to go for a hike to Grotto Falls – only to find that it was closed. Plan B we decided to go up to Clingman’s Dome – only to find that it was closed. Plan C we decided to hike into Laurel Falls and then do the Cade’s Cove loop again. The hike is only 1.3 miles each way, and this time of year was very crowded. We enjoyed cooling off a bit in the water. The rocks were slippery and we watched several people take some tumbles.


Teresa and me in front of a small part of Laurel Falls.

P6130088 P6130090

Kurtz family photo op. Rob and Teresa photo op.

After our hike, we drove back to the visitor’s center, had a tailgate lunch and headed out in the back of truck again. This time, John drove and Teresa and I got to sit in the back. Again, the kids loved it.

We saw a few bear – this shot is of a young one. We saw a few wild turkey and quite a few deer.


I know this isn’t a great shot, but I was trying to take it on the move :) It is a pileated woodpecker! We have them on our property, but I have never seen one. They have a very cool sound and I had heard it the day before so I was excited to actually see one.

After our Cade’s Cove tour, we headed back to downtown Gatlinburg and spent some time walking the streets. It was rather hot, so we ducked into several stores to enjoy some a/c.


Cousins having fun with the phone booth. Gatlinburg has gorgeous flowers everywhere! They really do it right.


This gray heron (I think that is what it is) was actually in downtown Gatlinburg wading in the river. Isn’t he majestic?


Speaking of wildlife, this morning on my walk with the dogs, I saw a bobcat!! It was a very quick glimpse because it was moving very fast. The dogs shuffled it out of the woods very near to where I was walking. Needless to say, I scooped up Neli so that she wouldn’t be a snack.

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  1. about wildlife! A bobcat? That's scary. I think you better start hiking/walking with a gun. ha ha...

    Loved the little bear shot and the heron...(that's a duck btw...LOL...just kiddin').

    All the pictures were great. Loved the phone booth.


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