Monday, May 3, 2010

What we’ve been up to …

Our beautiful Alabama spring weather is finally here, so we have been enjoying it as much as possible before it gets hot! Baseball and soccer have kept our evenings pretty busy and catching up in homeschooling has filled our days. In the mix, we enjoyed a field trip to the Art Festival in downtown B’Ham. I almost backed out because John was working hard planting grass seed and I felt I should stay and help him. He cleared me to go, so the kids and I joined our friends and had a great time! So much so, that we went back on Sunday with John. I am already looking forward to next year and making it a special point to get to the kids’ area early.

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To say Savannah is LOVING her horseback riding lessons would be an understatement. She can hardly wait from one week to the next. I am enjoying watching her learn more and gain confidence each time. She is thrilled to have her friend also taking lessons at the same time. This first picture cracked me up – the instructor had to quickly catch one of the horses last week, so she hopped on the atv and off she went. In just a few minutes, she returned with horse in tow.

P4300023 P4300024 P4300026 P4300027 P4300029

WOW! At baseball practice Friday night, God was showing off another incredible sunset! I was so glad that I had my camera along.


On another note – last year I missed picking strawberries because we were too busy with the house and then the rain came and damaged them. I was determined to get strawberries this year to make jam. Friday after horseback riding (and before baseball :), we went with our same friends and picked strawberries. We were having so much fun and ended up picking 6 gallons of strawberries. Very generous gallons, too, I might add. I checked to make sure I understood their definition of “full bucket” :) Perhaps, it would have been wise to check the recipe for strawberry jam before picking 6 gallons of strawberries. Saturday, after 9 batches of strawberry jam, I had barely used 2 of the gallons!! I was able to give one of the remaining ones to our dear neighbors and then I prepped the rest for jam later. Whew – that was a LOT of strawberries!


I haven’t been feeling 100%, so I think I am going to try a “detox your ills” diet. The one I found is basically just eating fruits and veggies all day long (no fasting – whew!). I am also going to stop drinking coffee to see if that helps. I’m telling y’all this for accountability sake and if you see me falling asleep, you’ll know why :)


  1. What fun times you've been having. It must be so fun to see your kiddos at this age really enjoying activities and looking forward to those events. :)

    I so feel for you with the coffee thing. Hope the detoxing goes well.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Glad you had a great time.

    We are hoping to get started on our next phase in June and hopefully have it "dried in" by fall/winter

  3. Shirley- wondering, where did you pick your strawberries? We're thinking of going this Saturday. Charmaine

  4. Shirley, wondering, where did you pick your strawberries? Veola said something about a farm about an hour from here, but they're only open 'til noon. Thanks! Charmaine


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