Tuesday, September 15, 2009

House Progress

So, all in all some very exciting progress on the home front. We have decided for sanity sake to sub out a lot of the major systems so that we can get in the house by winter. Trying to build part-time has proven to be a pretty big challenge :)

So, the 5 sets of stairs are all installed with temporary tread boards. Very nice to be able to walk easily between the floors. We really like how they turned out and I can hardly wait until we have drywall in so that they will really stand out.

One set from the underside - there is not any risers on our stairs, so they will be "see-through" from front to back.

Here's a close-up shot of the welded joint. We used a 2"x3" tube of metal for the main run and then used angle brackets welded on in the shape of an L to form the support for the treads. They are very sturdy and quiet (bonus!).

In other news, we now have permanent power to the house!!! And just today, the electricians wired up the hot water tank in the basement for us. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???? Now, we can shower in the basement shower! And, I can use hot water for washing clothes. And, it is just so exciting to be one step closer.

Heating and Air, plumbing and electric are all pretty much roughed in and we are ready for the next step of insulation and drywall.

And ... here was the current state of the brush pile!!

John lit the fire this last weekend - yippee!

We have a kind of stubborn pile of brush, however. It has been pretty humid and raining off and on and the stuff just does not want to burn. It's crazy. So, he did manage to get the left side in the photo to burn, but the right side stuff did not. Thankfully, this time, the smoke has not been flying right at the house!

As the reality of moving in gets closer and closer, the desire to be in gets stronger and stronger (and I become more and more impatient :). Trying to keep things in perspective.

We still do not have a front door. Majorly long story that I will not bore you with, but we are hoping for a resolution soon.

Hope you are all well where you are!


  1. Been missing you and wondering about you. Thanks for the update. I can imagine how exciting to be getting so close.

  2. Oh my gosh-- this is amazing!!! So awesome! I'm excited for you!

  3. I love the stairs! Yippee - hot water and plumbing! It just can't get much better than that...oh, but it will! :)

  4. So exciting! I enjoy reading your updates and seeing the house come together :)


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